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      Companies using Apache Traffic Server

      Apache Traffic Server is used world-wide by companies of many sizes, ranging from the small entrepreneurial starter companies to the large Internet conglomerates like Yahoo, Comcast and Akamai. Companies that use Apache Traffic Server include:

      Comcast Yahoo! LinkedIn Go Daddy Yahoo! Japan

      Akamai Upyun Verycloud! China Websense Azion Technologies

      4399 Openwave Mobility Torchbox IISpeed OmniTI

      Betfair IP Only The Lounge Internode SiC Software

      Devaus PowerHTTP VNG Suomen Tilauslentopalvelu Guruve

      eQualit.ie Frisch Inspiriert Brainswear eehu.com titanbet.co.uk

      Please contact private@www.hunkokefendi.com to be added.